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Weight Control
Skipping Meals Is Skipping Weight Loss Benefits PDF Print E-mail

The human body is an amazing machine. It can adapt to a dizzying range of changes. But because the body is a very smart machine, and it wants to avoid starvation at all costs, most dieters will encounter a bodily adaptation that brings a great deal of frustration with it - "the weight loss plateau." The body fanatically wants to keep that abdominal fat, and most new moms find to their dismay that they need several months of work to get rid of the postpartum belly fat. This problem is worse if the mother is nursing her baby; then, the body keeps every bit of fat it can to make nourishment for the infant.

Things to Consider When Starting a Weight Loss Program PDF Print E-mail

Issues to consider before getting into a weight-loss plan:

Given that dropping weight usually requires a lot of focus and psychological and physical energy, you cannot just dive in. You need to make a commitment and prepare yourself. Part of that planning is figuring out whether now is the best time. It's OK if it isn't.

Your being successful depends on your readiness to take this task on.

Ask yourself the following questions:

The Best Way to Lose Weight Fast without Dieting PDF Print E-mail

Over the years, "diet" has become a dirty word.  It conjures up images of nasty, tasteless food or starving yourself to lose weight.  But the best way to lose weight fast is not dieting at all.

Before getting into what to do to lose weight without dieting, it is important to debunk some myths about foods and address actions that can compromise your weight loss.

Myths about Foods

Diet Plans to Lose Weight May Also Combat Depression PDF Print E-mail

Did you know that successfully following healthy diet plans to lose weight can actually enhance your mood?  And not due to the fact you get to quit stressing about your clothes getting tighter but instead feel them getting loser and loser?  Well, not just because of that!

How Fat Loss Can Improve Your Mood

Healthy Diet For Summer Time Weight Reduction PDF Print E-mail

Winter has been merciless. What better thing to do during the cold season than to sit in a couch and munch on some goodies while keeping yourself comfy and warm? It seems like yesterday when you were struggling to lose your winter coat; before you even know it, summer time is in its full effect. The minute you're feeling warm enough to put on shorts, you realized something: The beach is beckoning and you are not prepared for it, physically! You press the panic button and consider stapling your mouth for a week or two, until you look good in your swim suit, as your summer weight loss solution.


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