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Treating acne is one of the priorities of the many promising products available in today's market. These range from topical creams, medications to even laser treatments while each of these methods has their own set of pros and cons. However, one method claims to offer the best, effective and quickest way of getting rid of acne, up-to-date. It is called Zeno acne treatment.

In Zeno acne treatment, a hand-held, battery operated, electronic device called the Zeno Acne Clearing Device is applied to deliver the treatment. The device delivers heat to the involved area over the tip of the device and in turn kills the acne causing bacteria. The tip of this device is termed a biocompatible tip as it does not inflict any harm or burns to the skin. Furthermore, the PDI controller microprocessor inside the Zeno Acne Clearing device constantly adjusts the temperature of the device within the pointed range. The device can even set to several skin types of the users by regulating the stream of energy to equal the absorption of heat though the skin of the user.

The Zeno Acne Treatment Device induces an heat-shock to the acne by raising the temperature of the tip of the device up to 48 degrees Celsius. As a solution of this heat treatment, the release of heat-shock proteins is tripped within the bacterial cells and these proteins cause the self death of the acne. In addition, this treatment reduces inflammation near the subject area and makes the skin heal more quickly. The time it takes for one treatment is 21/2  minutes and usually after two or three treatments the acne will disappear without leaving a scar. Usually, one treatment would be enough to remove the acne. It is stated that FDA monitored clinical tests have proven that 90% of the acne treated with this device would be removed within a day.

The Zeno Acne Treatment Device should be utilized at the first sight of acne and the earlier one uses the device, the less chance would be for the formation of an acne scar. Mostly the usage of this device is recommended for mild (inflamed red acne) and moderate (puss-filled acne) acne and more tough acne demands medical attention. Although no significant harmful side-effects are connected with the use of this device, short-term skin redness may appear after treatment.

To combat acne, Zeno Acne Treatment Device offered a cost effective, easy, and fast method. No other device up-to-date can appear to match the level of ease and effectiveness it offers.


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