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To anyone who had gone through adolescence, acne is an issue not unheard of. Acne is something almost part of being a teenager.  Acne is a medical condition on the skin and usually affecting the face, chest and back. Triggered by puberty and lasts until end of adolescence. However, there are instances when some people even experience the condition during adulthood. Oil glands open during puberty and releases sebum or oil to moisten the skin. There are times however when opening of oil glands are blocked by cells close to the surface which cause buildup of oil under the skin. Such buildup stimulates bacteria causing the inflammation of tissues surrounding it.

The different types of acne are whitehead, blackhead, pimples and cyst.

  • Whiteheads. Pores clogged up, closes and bulges from the skin.
  • Blackheads. Pores clogged up, remains open and top surface gets dark.
  • Pimple. Walls of the pores break and allows sebum, bacteria and dead skin cell to enter the skin.
  • Cyst. Pores clogged up and open deep in the skin which results to infection.

Acne may be caused by genetics, hormones, extra sebum, follicle fallout or bacteria. To help in taking care from acne breakout it helps to wash face regularly, eat healthy and regulate hormones. There are many types of acne treatments. Acne treatments should help unclog pores, kill bacteria and minimize oil. Caution should be observed when under medication of acne antibiotics. Prolonged exposure to sun should be avoided since acne medicines can increase sensitivity to sunlight, wind and cold. Patients are advised to apply sunscreen and wear protective clothing to protect against sun, wind and cold.

Tetracycline is one of the more popular acne medications. The drug is used to treat or prevent infection suspected to be caused by bacteria. Usual dosage is 500mg taken twice a day and dosage decreases when acne lesions lessen. To keep the drug’s effectiveness, it is important not to skip doses and complete the therapy. Care should be observed when the under medication. Unlike other drugs, acne antibiotics should be taken with an empty stomach to be more effective. The medicine should not be taken by children and pregnant women.

Local drugstores and online pharmacies offer Tetracycline. More patients prefer to order acne antibiotics online.  Online Pharmacies can never take the place of traditional drugstores but ordering medications online has certain advantages over “walk-in” drugstores.

  • Wider reach. Since an online pharmacy is accessed via internet, anyone can check the site and choose from a wide range of products offered by the pharmacy.
  • Convenient. Ordering can be made anytime and anywhere. There is no need to wait in line and prior prescription is not required. Online pharmacies also provide free online consultation and free prescription with every order made.
  • Simple. It just involves 3-easy steps: Select, Fillout Questionnaire, and Submit. From the list of available products, Select medicines needed. Complete a quick questionnaire. Submit Orders.
  • Private. Orders are packed in discreet unmarked packages.
  • Secured online payment. Online pharmacies maintain a secured order system to ensure that credit card information submitted to the site is safe and secured.
  • High-quality medicines. Orders are reviewed by highly trained U.S. Licensed Physicians and orders are dispensed by U.S. Licensed Pharmacies.

There are treatments for other illnesses offered in online pharmacies, treatments for allergies, infection, anxiety, arthritis, viral infections, parasites, blood pressure, headache, heartburn, motion sickness, pain, skin care, smoking habits, sexual health, weight loss, men and women’s health.

For more information, please visit www.AcneAntibiotics.org.

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