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Sun tanning has long since given way to self tanning.  Who wants to be in the dangerous UV rays of the sun anymore?  The trouble with self tanning is it requires a bit training to perfect a proper appearance.  While it may appear such as an easy alternative to light skin, slapping on lotion and waiting to turn brown can frequently result in an orange, streaky mess.  

Many tanning lotions, foams and gels include a skin darkening substance that alters the colour of the outer surface of the skin.  The tanning lotion should be placed uniformly and smoothly to get proper results.


Before you even open the beauty bottle, get your skin ready.  For a couple of days before you must be cleansing and exfoliating your skin lightly.  This will remove any dead skin cells which can disrupt the absorption of the colouring product.  

On one hand, you may need to be close to some soap and water, to wash your hands regularly so your palms do not wind up stained from contact with an excessive amount of lotion.  However, a steamy bathroom right right after your shower isn't a great atmosphere for utilize a self tan.  Extra moisture in the air will condense on your skin, stopping the absorption of the self tan item.  So, not simply ought to you be sure your skin is thoroughly dry, but the region around ought to be dry as well.  

Use your lotion or foam slowly and with care.  Use little circular motions, and finish one area at a time.  Pour the same amount of item into your hand every time, to avoid over saturating any single region.  Do not skip around your body.  Do one complete leg, then the other complete leg.  This will help make sure you do not miss an area.  

Be sure you wash your hands every couple of minutes with water and soap to prevent having a super tan on your palms.  Once you are finished, wait a minimum of fifteen minutes prior to getting dressed or wrapping yourself in a towel.  The self tan needs time to properly absorb into your skin.  Adding any type of cloth against your skin means the tan could absorb into the cloth, rather than you.  Not simply will this blemish your clothes, but it will leave streak in your tan.  

After about eight hours, you should be able to shower or bath, but no sooner than that.  If you're not satisfied that your tan is dark enough, it is possible to do one more application in about 24 hours.  As soon as you have got the tan you like, keep in mind to provide it a touch up every two weeks to avoid fading.  That way, you have the sun soaked summer season appearance, without ever requiring the sun.  

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