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This article is aimed mainly at women, because it is primarily women who suffer from the appearance of cellulite in various areas of their bodies. With a few exceptions cellulite is something that only happens to women, and this is because of the makeup of the female body. Women have a different hormonal balance than men, and have much greater levels of estrogen which can cause a greater build up of fat cells under the skin compared to men. If a woman is overweight, this will compound the problem considerably in my opinion.


Women may not be totally aware of the causes of cellulite, or that it is possible to take steps to deal with some of these causes. One thing is for sure, they detest the look that cellulite has on their appearance, especially as it can be particularly prominent in certain areas of the body. they can decide to take steps to try and make it less obvious to others.

Women are very self conscious of their appearance as a rule, and in extreme cases, the appearance of cellulite is something which can be downright unsightly. Although it can be difficult, they should try and remember that they can still be very very attractive even if there are some imperfections on the surface. It can be difficult, but sometimes you have to live with a problem, and try and make the best of it.

Another positive approach is to be proactive and determined in your efforts to overcome the negative effects that you will probably experience, simply because you are aware of the fact that you have cellulite issues. Tackle the weight issue head on, decide what weight is ideal for you, and go on a strict diet to get there. Make sure that you change your habits and your lifestyle exercise regularly indoors and outside. Concentrate on exercises designed to help strengthen legs and arms.

Your quest for a more active lifestyle does not necessarily have to mean drastic upheavals to your everyday life. Just be more active, walk whenever possible instead of talking the car, and remember that a useful indicator of effective walking is a measurement of ten thousand steps a day. Sounds a lot, but every step that you take counts towards the overall total. if you engaged in any sports activities in the past, take them up again, or try out new ones. In simple terms, eat less and move more. There are numerous ways to be more active if you really set your mind to it.

Investigate cosmetic and beauty treatments claiming to reduce the effects of cellulite. Experiment with as many as your budget will allow, and remember that the most expensive is not necessarily the best. A big factor in the composition of cellulite is fatty cells underneath the skin, so try massaging those areas regularly.

There are other measures which you can take to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and they involve what could be termed as cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery of all kinds has become much more popular in recent times, with procedures for just about anything. Very expensive, and for my taste rather extreme, but they do exist nevertheless.

Some Clever Ways To Hide Cellulite:

Use the Tanning Salon - Women who have a good tan on their skin do not suffer the same effects from cellulite in terms of appearance. The tan lessens the dimpled orange peel effect, and makes the skin look tauter. Particularly effective in disguising the fleshy parts of your legs from which you have also removed the unwanted hair.

Wear Shoes With A High Heel - Even shoes with a relatively low heel make your legs look less fat, and more streamlined. Flat Shoes or trainers do the opposite, and if you want to look as elegant as you possibly can, I suggest that you do not wear them other than for just casual situations.

Make Your Top Half Stand Out - Wear attractive and eye catching blouses, tops etc. If you are feeling a little daring, the wear low cut necklines half cup bras etc. Lets face it, if your top half is alluring, then attention is focused there, not so much on any problem areas. make the most of what you have!

Visit The Beauty Salon - Nothing will make your more instantly glamorous than getting a professional beauty treatment. Expensive I grant you, but it works wonders for your morale and your self confidence. As professionals, they should be up to speed with the latest advances in cellulite treatments, so you should not hesitate to seek their opinion.

Since as yet no one has come up with a permanent cure for cellulite, all your efforts should be directed at diminishing the effects of it on your appearance. Everything in this article is intended to help in this regard, but it will not bring perfection, only improvements as I said.

In conclusion, I would like to really stress again the importance of a much healthier lifestyle overall. with a really determined and long term emphasis on getting rid of excess pounds. Please do remember that you are still loved I am sure by many many people even if you do suffer from a bit of cellulite here and there.

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