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Whether you are a adolescent with mild or severe acne, or an adult who thought all your acne woes were left behind with your teens, you may constantly be concerned about your acne. You may have tried out several topical and oral medications and are now upset that you will never be able to have clear skin again. We have news for you! You haven't seen anything until you ve tried laser treatment for acne!

Ideally acne is caused when pores stop oil or sebum from escaping. Often this oil blocks hair follicles, thereby blocking bacteria in the follicles and causing them to swell. This leads to you having pimples.

Usually acne results in scars and red patches all over your face and you will always feel the need to cover it up with make-up.



Frequently various chemical treatments only cause your skin condition to worsen as skin irritation results in even more inflammation. In laser treatment for acne, a laser pen kills the bacteria that causes the acne in your skin and helps to repair scars.

If you are contemplating laser treatment for acne you should first see your dermatologist who would be able to advise you as to whether to go ahead with the treatment. Usually your dermatologist would give you topical or oral medication to see if your acne would go away, especially if your condition is moderate. In more severe cases your dermatologist would advise you as to which form of laser treatment for acne is best for you.

A major concern among many who intend to follow laser treatment for acne is regarding the level of pain. The pain generally does not last more than a few days. Your dermatologist will be able to give you more information about the operation and how things would work out and may give you medication to reduce the pain.

Regarding laser procedures for acne, you should know that it is not very cheap. You would need to do a bit of research about where you could get the best treatment for a reasonable price. You should also keep in mind that some health insurance plans do not cover laser treatment for acne, but be assured that this procedure is sure to give you visible outcomes.

Side effects of laser treatment for acne could include tenderness of the skin and irritation for a few days. Apart from this, it is known to be a unhazardous process. Results may not be very visible after the very first sitting of laser treatment for acne. Some individuals may have to go through several sittings before they see visible results. However this would depend on the severity of the individuals acne condition.



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