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I hate acne.

I bet you do too. Acne as we know is a skin condition distinguished by whiteheads, blackheads, and swollen red pimples, otherwise known as "zits". It can be atrocious physically but even more so mentally and socially. There are millions of products that claim to have the answer to acne but is there anything that really works?


Is there such a thing as an alternative acne treatment?


Well, the truth is that many people have grown weary of the mainstream "cures" that seem to never work but are effective at latching onto your wallet. In addition, acne sufferers are looking for medicine without the harmful side effects that are so rife in normal prescriptions and over the counter choices. These people are now searching daily for other text ways to treat their acne.

So what is the meaning of "alternative?"

Well, alternative can mean many things but primarily it means that these type of treatments are not FDA regulated and more than likely haven't had medical research performed to test its success rate. As a result, you are very unlikely to get the choice  to try "alternative" treatments because medical doctors either don't know about them or won't recommend them as that could affect their paycheck.

Two treatments that have been successful on acne inflammation are seaweed and tea tree oil. These products both have very strong antibacterial abilities. Seaweed of course comes from the ocean while tea tree oil comes from the Australian Ti tree.

A vitamin deficiency can sometimes be the villain.

One of the main culprits is Vitamin B5, otherwise known as pantothenic acid. Often, acne sufferers will experience success with B5 supplements. There was a double blind study done on vitamin B5 by a Hong Kong acne specialist named Dr. Leung in which his patients experienced a 90% success rate in curing acne totally after six months.

There are several herbs that are used specifically for teenaged girls. These herbs include red clover, wild yam, dong quai, evening primrose, chaste berry, and black cohosh among others. Herbal experts believe that these herbs help control the estrogen, the female sex hormone and the hormone androgen which release the sebum which clogs the pores. Visit your local health food store to find these .

Other herbs that are worthwhile in relieving infection and swelling in men and women acne sufferers include: burdock, dandelion root, licorice, Echinacea, salvia and red peony. Again, pick these up at your local health food store.

Please keep in mind that stress contributes to the degree of acne problems. Great stress relievers include exercise (the best one!), yoga, acupuncture, meditation, and others.

Remember to do your research before trying an alternative acne treatment as these treatments are not necessarily devoid of side effects.

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