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Sometimes, when acne cases are severe, over the counter medications won’t work, or they have been used and after the allotted time, they simply lose their effectiveness.

It’s then time to get results by going to a physician or dermatologist. In most cases the type of medication can be determined by the physician or dermatologist just by looking at the affected area and determining any allergies that might exist.

For those patients who have a more severe case of acne, with several lesions or recurring outbreaks, an “oral antibiotic” may be prescribed.

Oral antibiotics help reduce the bacteria in the lesions and prevent other acne lesions from forming. This treatment most commonly starts with a high dosage and as the acne resolves, the dosage of oral antibiotics is reduced. Most antibiotics are prescribed for six months or less.

After six months most physicians conclude that oral antibiotics lose their effectiveness, although another antibiotic can be prescribed in its place. There is a broad spectrum if oral antibiotics that physicians can use if resistance occurs.

A few of these oral antibiotics include;

· Tetracycline - this oral antibiotic reduces and heals the acne lesions. And a low dose can be prescribed for many months to suppress severe cases of acne.

·Erythromycin - an oral antibiotic that has been proven effective for several different forms of bacteria associated with acne.

Along with oral antibiotics physicians may prescribe “topical antimicrobials”  for the patient. In some cases both types are prescribed while in other cases it may be one or the other.

Topical antimicrobials help to inhibit or allowing acne to form on the skin. As well as aiding in the healing of acne lesions that already exist. This is usually in liquid or cream form.

A few of these topical antimicrobials include;

·Azelaic acid - this is used for moderate inflammatory acne. In most cases Azelaic acid clears up the acne and reduces acne outbreaks. It can  also cause a decrease in skin drying out, as well as reducing inflammation. It is well tolerated by most people and can be used safely for long periods of time.

·Benzoyl peroxide - this topical medication virtually kills the bacteria and the acne lesions. However, it does not have the anti–inflammitory  abilities as other topical medications. This medication is available in many forms.

Research has shown Benzoyl peroxide also increases the effectiveness of oral antibiotics enhancing the healing process of acne lesions. It has been known to have common side effects like skin irritations and allergic reactions.

·Clindamycin - semi synthetic this medication has a good history of successfully treating acne. It reduces acne lesions and inflammation.  Skin irritation or dryness might occur but is not harsh on the skin like other topical medications.

·Erthromycin - also used as a topical application, as well as in oral antibiotic form. Literally a topical antibiotic active against a broad range of bacteria that can cause acne lesions. It can be combined with Benzoyl peroxide and together they have been proven to be effective. This medication may also cause skin dryness, or irritation. And, should definitely only be used as prescribed.

·Sodium sulfacetamide - an antibiotic cream that prevents acne lesions from forming. It also opens clogged pores and it is effective in treating inflammation. This medication contains sulfur and though effective, some patients don’t like the smell or the grittiness associated with it.

These are the most popular medications prescribed by physicians and dermatologists, although there are several other prescriptions available. Research is continuous and ongoing for acne treatments and prevention.


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