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Want to look super stylish and hot without trying much? Use red lipstick. Red lipstick has always been in vogue and has even been endorsed by some of the most popular fashion icons. It can lift up even the most uninteresting look straight away,provided you know the way to use it right. Make note of the following recommendation and you are going to be able to use lipstick the right way.

If you are using this bold hue to dress up your lips, you should ideally play down the rest of your features. Applying bold colors to each feature of your face can make you appear excessively made up. So keep your eye makeup and blush as subtle as possible.This is going to help your red lipstick stand out and you won't have to stress about attention getting diverted to any other facial feature.

The shade red will naturally draw all eyes to your lips and so it only makes sense for you to prepare your pair well before applying the lipstick. Take a bit of water with some sugar added to it and apply the solution over the lips. This well aid in removal of the dead epidermis cells present on the surface. Follow it up by applying a liberal dose of lip balm or Vaseline while your lips are still wet. It will ensure better absorption of the moisture. After about ten mins,you can press a tissue paper to your lips to soak up any excess wetness.

Now it's time to apply the lipstick. It is really important that you are using the right shade of red if you would like your lips to do all the speaking.There are many tones of red. Make sure that you are using the one that matches your skin tone. If you've got a rosy or an especially fair complexion, go in for deeper shades of red. However, if you have an olive complexion, go in for a warmer shade of red. In case you don't find a selected shade of red that suits you, try blending in different reds. This will help you come up with a red tone that fully matches your skin tone.

Before applying the lipstick, don’t forget to line your lips with a good lip liner. However, you should refrain from lining the lips from the outside as a lip liner needs to be used on the inside of the lip. This stops your lipstick from 'bleeding'. Once you have applied the liner, employ a brush to slather on the lipstick and then use a tissue to wipe of excess color.

While the right use of red lipstick can take your appeal several notches higher, the wrong usage could actually make you seem like a clown. Go on and use red lipstick to flaunt your horniest best.


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