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All would certainly agree that makeup is the best means to improve your beauty and to hide any of the repulsive failings and defects. However, if you make use of excessive make up, you are bound to appear like a statue or a mannequin standing tall in a showroom. If you don't wish to be all covered underneath layers of make up, it makes sense to go in for the natural appearance instead. Let's have a look at some of the measures that may help you get the more natural feel and appearance of make up.



When it comes to makeup, it is the concealer and the foundation which make for the most elementary aspects. Most women tend to go overboard with both of them and end up looking all caked up. To make your makeup look natural, you need to go light with both of them.Also ensure that you apply both the foundation as well as the concealer regularly.

To get the prefect natural look, employ the right products. It is suggested to go in for a tinted moisturizer. This is because it helps to spread evenly and perfectly on to the skin. Moreover it has the right proportion of the moisturizer in it. This can help you hide away the look of your foundation to a great extent.You must make use of the concealer a little more laboriously if you are battling the issue of some marks or scars on your face. First, understand the kind of skin that you have and only then purchase a concealer in accordance to your skin type.

Your eyes demand absolute focus when you are working on your makeup. Use clear mascara to make your eye makeup seem natural. This will make your lashes look longer without making you look too overboard.Also, dab a bit of foundation on the eyelids too as this could help even out the complexion.

When choosing eye makeup, opt for light and refined eye shade such as bronze, copper, orange or pale pink. Extreme shades like blue or green do not look natural. Also, do not forget to use it in moderation.The eyeliner should be of subtle hues tones like brown and charcoal gray which make your eye makeup look more natural. Mix it with your eye shade to create a natural line.

Yet another thing you must work upon to get a natural makeup feel is your lips. Simply try to keep away from the dark shades of lipsticks like- brown, maroon and many more. Additionally, try to not go for glittery and glossy lipsticks as they can totally take you away from the pleasant appearance.If you want to know more on the natural colour of your lips, simply bite a lip a little and you will get to see the natural color of your lips. Utilize a lipstick of this natural shade to get the natural appearance. In order to let it stay intact on your lips, you can employ a gloss that has a clear tone. The best is to employ a naturally transparent gloss.

With these natural makeup techniques at your aid, you will be able to polish your face and still look at your natural best.


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