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The Art of Allowing is the secret key to manifesting what you want.

A lot folks are well acquainted with the movie,The Secret that states that the key is the Law of Attraction (LOA). To discover the solution behind the solution, let me ask you this can a natural law be a key to you which once you find out concerning it, it transforms everything you do? I mean take gravity for example.


  • Once you had been advised there was such things as gravity how did it adjust the existence?
  • Were you much less afraid of falling off the world?
  • Were you reassured that water would often run downhill?

In reality I suspect it didn’t change a single solitary thing that you did or thought. Why? Because knowing about gravity did not change one solitary motion or results which you got.

Here is the key of the secret, "the simple fact that the universe is an attraction based world and works utilizing the law of attraction solely describes how and why what shows up in your life shows up". It does not let you realize the secret of how to help the LOA so it is easy to get whatever it is you wish. So a law isn’t much of a secret to use.

The magic formula of the secret or the key powering the secret or what it requires to make the key work has been taught through the ages from each and every kind of spirituality on the planet which I’m aware of. And that is, the only reason you or I have a problem is we resist "what is". Resistance is the issue and non-resistance is the answer.

Ester Hicks, a medium for Source - God Force which is held. That may be why someone once said, “Judge not lest ye be not judged.”

Understanding and practicing the Art of Allowing is not a one time point; it is simply like breathing, an on-going process. That is why there is an art to it. There are tools intended to unhook us from emotional power charges which produce our issues with opposition.

Want to know the "secret" to the Secret?

Do what it takes to "discover" what you want in your life.  Then... relax.  See yourself, emotionally, in your minds eye, doing and having exactly, in detail, what you want.  And totally, don't let anyone or anything change what you see in your minds eye.

That's it. Simple...  and... HARD for most people.  They will refuse to find out what they really want.  They will cite many different excuses, including "God's Will."


Deep Zen Meditation.
The Effortless Way to Total Peace and Happiness

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Deep Zen Meditation.
The Effortless Way to Total Peace and Happiness

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