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There are many reasons for balding and thus the treatment for each one of those reasons also differs from each other. The majority loose their hair naturally but there are some who loose their hair due to heavy drugs taken during some other treatment or due to a major physical treatment done to them like artificial organ transplant.

The hair loss treatment should be carried out in a natural way. The natural treatment may not be efficient on some people but results in less harmful side effects. A big problem with this kind of treatment is that it may not be easy and may be messy.


There are many cures for the loss of hair and one of them is using natural herbs which are only meant to control hair loss and let new hairs grow. Some of the herbs that are used in this treatment are boarage, saw palmetto, stinging nettle, oil and seeds, grape seeds, extract of green tea and apple peel.

Saw Palmetto is among the chief herbs that is used in natural hair loss treatments. The nature of palmetto is as such that it contains nutrients that are helpful in the treatment of hair loss and works very efficiently by providing the right mix of nutrients to the follicles. This herb is considered among the finest for hair loss. Another herb that can be used in this treatment is the boarage but its oil needs to be extracted from it and then applied to the scalp for better results. It has also significantly contributes to the benefit of hair growth. The fatty acids contained in this herb are very beneficial for hair. This is a double benefit as the use of this oil adds to the effective diet of an individual. It is very effective and is considered among the best treatments for hair loss.

Extracts of green tea is also another component to help prevent hair loss and control it significantly. The other benefit of extracts from green tea is that it helps in weight reduction too. Green tea is another good natural way to control hair loss without any side effects.

The use of apple peel or skin is another nature’s gift to prevent loss of hair. It plays a very important role in regaining the hairs and is very effective especially in men.


As hair loss progresses, it increases the stress levels of individual hairs causing them to weaken and turn loose.  So for this reason one needs to begin a natural treatment for it as soon as possible for best results.

At any given time, most of the hair on your head is in its growing phase while 10-15 percent is in its final “death” stages. Stressful events can actually produce a traumatic shock that can upset this natural cycle causing as much as 30–40 percent of the hairs to begin to die.

So, go natural and be saved from the harmful effects of unnatural treatments. There are many side effects with these artificial treatments many of which are not generally known.


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