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For a lot of women, hair loss can be a shameful secret they attempt to conceal from the world.  Hair loss or balding is generally a problem involving males, however ladies all over the world suffer the same dilemma.  Women are likely to attach their vanity and perception of femininity to their tresses, and are unwilling to look for treatment for the dilemma.

Hair thinning among ladies may be genetic, however it frequently has environmental or medical factors.  Many medications or drugs have side effects which trigger baldness.  Hormonal imbalances, including puberty,  pregnancy or menopause can also give rise to a considerable hair loss.   Hair thinning in women can emerge at any age, even though it is most common among 25 to 45 year olds.

Some hair loss, a few strands a day, is a natural occurrence.  As new hair develops in, it pushes out the aged hair and causes it to fall out.  Over combing, pulling or brushing can often trigger damage that is why you can find hairs in the sink after you groom.  If this is the case, change to a wide tooth comb, and attempt employing a leave on conditioner that can retain your hair smooth while you comb, lowering hair breakage.

Frequent shampoo, conditioner or beauty styling items like mousse, gel or hairspray can be the cause of hair thinning.  Everyone's hair responds differently to both unnatural and natural elements, so even if you're utilizing a natural shampoo, it might be the reason for your hair loss.   In case you detect an overabundance of hair being left behind inside the shower, changing your brand of shampoo and conditioner might be all that is needed to remedy the condition.

Other components in hair loss include inorganic cosmetic procedures, including perms, relaxers or hair colouring.  If you are currently affected by hair thinning, you need to steer clear of these damaging elements.  Hair loss may also be worsened by the utilization of hot styling appliances such as blow dryers and irons, so these should also be avoided.

Quite often, hair falling out is your body's method of trying to warn you of a larger problem.  You can be experiencing an allergic reaction or silent disease.  You could be lacking important supplements or nutrients in your diet.  You can be over striving yourself with too much exercise, not adequate rest or sleep or too many stimulants like caffeine or sugar.  

If an increase in hair loss can't be fixed by altering your shampoo or styling items, you must seek medical attention.  Woman's hair loss is nothing to be ashamed of and trying to hold it a secret it can keep you from getting aid for a more critical condition.  

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