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Hypnosis is state of mind where an individual is subjected to controlled thoughts and behavior. Hypnosis entails two or more individuals - the persons being treated to the experiment is called the subject while the one conducting the experiment is called the hypnotist. The hypnotist takes the subject(s) into the mental state, often termed hypnotized, and tries to get a response from them while under hypnosis. Hypnosis is probably one of the most debated disciplines in the world. You will find so many theories related with this stream of studies. The basic debate hovers around the state aspect - one school of thoughts suggests that hypnosis is a state of mind whilst the other school asserts it to be a non-state.

Practitioners of state concept recommend the mind could be transformed into an altered setting. To put it differently, mind of the subject can be taken to another plane, and controlled by the practitioner. Those from non-state theory claim that hypnosis as a phenomenon can be observed as a culmination of focus or attention, and does not always lead to transformation of mind to another state. However, it's sufficient for us to understand that hypnosis is a process of induction and observing effects of the same.

There are many common myths and misconceptions associated with hypnosis. Some people opine that hypnosis cannot be affected on persons with strong will power. Champions of hypnosis feel otherwise - they claim that individuals with strong will power actually constitute good subjects. This can be due to their higher level of intelligence.

Much research continues to be done on hypnosis. This study on a scientific basis stems from Psychological research. Hypnosis is usually treated as a a part of peripherals of psychology. Scientists have already been attempting to find the most ideal method of hypnotizing an individual. Some have already been successfully doing it with words, some others with the help of triggers such as clock, watch or a pendulum. Hypnosis is finding its way in many applications to treat patients. Hypnotherapy is one such discipline. Some practitioners use this method to solve psychological problems of the patients. Clinical hypnosis is another application area of hypnosis. 

In accordance to practitioners of clinical hypnosis, physical as well as mental ailments could be treated and cured with the help of clinical hypnosis. Mass hypnosis is used for prayers or magic shows. Hypnosis utilized to forensic science is known as forensic hypnosis. It isn't just utilized in the procedures, but additionally accepted in the legal perspective.


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