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Different people have different beliefs when it comes to taking care of their nails. This is especially true for women who are obsessed with making their nails look beautiful. They have a lot of different myths and misconceptions about nail care that sometimes, it often results in them damaging their nails instead of taking care of them.

One of the most common myths that people have when it comes to the use of nail polish is that polish that comes with hardeners are better since they make your nails stronger and more resistant to damage. On the contrary, using this kind of nail polish only makes your nails more stiff thus making them easier to break when they are exposed to mechanical damage.

Another way to make your nails more resistant to damage is by making sure that they are always hydrated. Dry nails are much easier to break, especially after they have been exposed to drying agents such as soap and bleach. Be sure to hydrate your nails using hand lotion every time you expose your nails to such substances.

The pushing back of cuticles is also done by a lot of women as they believe that this will help the growth of their nails. But this is also one practice that should not be done as the cuticle serves as protection for the nail bed. Removing this is not advised by dermatologists and it exposes you to risks such as infection.

The use of artificial nails is also popular especially for those who have ugly or damaged nails while waiting for nails to grow back. Unfortunately, chemicals used in the application of these artificial nails may further add to the injury on your nails. this also increases the risk for an infection as microbes can accumulate beneath the nails and proliferate, later causing complications.

You should always remember that even though nails are constantly growing, they grow at a very slow pace. This means that having broken and ugly nails are not very easy to fix. You will have to wait several months for a broken nail to regenerate before it will go back to its normal state.

A nail salon is a good way of having beautiful nails without exerting any effort at all. One precaution that you should take when going to such establishments is their cleanliness. The use of tools for several customers exposes you to risks, especially of the customer before you had a bacterial or fungal infection. Be sure to inspect a salon's cleanliness policy before allowing them to use their instruments on you. Better yet, choose a salon that makes use of liquids and gels so that indirect contact with infected individuals is avoided.

Nail care is not that simple once you consider all of these common misconceptions that people do. Before you do anything with your nails, be sure to know what you are doing and verify if it can really help in making your nails look and grow better. You may ask your dermatologist for help if you are not sure with your current nail care practices.


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