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Through the use of positive affirmations, you can be lifted by the powerful positive energy that works as an unsung hero for you in the spiritual plane.

Taking this to a practical level, this means that if you repeat the spiritual affirmations that introspect your fervent wish to be better, then you will be showered with lots of positive energy. This repetition has the effect of ‘materializing’ the invisible Cosmic energy in a real form, which is why these affirmations really become creative affirmations.

What do you need to do? All you need to do is repeat these creative affirmations on a everyday basis, as many times as possible, out loud or in your head. Pay attention to the meaning as you voice out with sincerity, firmness, emotion, focus and understanding. At the same time, imagine, visualize that the desired outcome is already in the process of manifesting itself in your life.

You can do this at any time of the day: in the morning when you wake up, while you’re going about your work, in the toilet, while traveling, in the evening before you go to sleep, etc.

Maria Duval suggests that you begin with this affirmation: I (your first name), open myself up to the wealthiness and riches of the Universe and I receive them in happiness. After a few days, pick one (or several) positive affirmations of your choice, demonstrating for example whatever you would most like to see materialize in your life. Repeat them frequently to charge your personal ‘energy field’ and environment with positive energy.

Here are some affirmations charged with creative energy that will be conducive to the arrival of positive events. You are free to draft your own spiritual affirmation specially adapted to your life situation which you are in right now.

- A positive mental attitude is a source of well being, health, prosperity and success.

- With my positive mental attitude I allow the creative forces of the Universe into my life. They regenerate me mentally, physically and spiritually.

- If I find myself weighed down with doubt, pessimism or despair, I practice positive thinking with confidence: then luck comes back into my life in force and my good mood returns.

- My intuition flows and inspires me when I play games of chance.

- My thoughts are expressed positively and with my intuition they succeed in finding a swift solution for my money problems.

- Money is a precious thing and I use it constructively for my own well-being and that of others.

- In my personal life I am driven towards success and I prosper more and more. The more I give, the more I receive. Everything works out my way, as if by magic. Money flows into my home in profusion.

- Inexhaustible abundance runs in me and through me and I share it freely with others. By following my heart, success comes into my life more quickly.

- Love makes my life more beautiful; I share it around me and I live in harmony with those around me, my partner, my children.

- I freely open up my heart to love; I have faith in the Universe to make me meet the ideal partner destined for me.

- I love myself and accept myself as I am. The divine essence within me will attract the perfect love that is my destiny towards me.

- All power is given to me to transform my life magically, by making the most of the new opportunities that are offered to me.

Deep Zen Meditation.
The Effortless Way to Total Peace and Happiness

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Deep Zen Meditation.
The Effortless Way to Total Peace and Happiness

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