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Telepathy is the direct transfer of thoughts, emotions, or feelings from one person to another person using only the power of the mind.

Telepathy is an ability which every one of us innately possesses. However, this is also an ability which is not commonly practiced, so most people are unable to consciously use or control it. From time to time, all of us have moments where our natural telepathy comes into play. However, what if you could use this incredible communication ability consciously?

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There is plenty of skepticism about telepathy, just as there is about any other less commonly used natural mental ability which humans possess. Think about a time when you have used telepathy; for example, I bet you've been in a great mood when you run into a friend who is feeling down. Even after speaking to him or her for just a minute, you start feeling these sad, depressive emotions yourself.

Was it what they said? Not at all, at least not with their words. It is telepathy which has allowed you to feel what your friend is feeling.

Studies have demonstrated that it is possible to access and activate the portion of the subconscious which is responsible for this ability. By focusing your thoughts on a specific person, you are then able to communicate with them telepathically.

As with any other form of communication, we are taught as children by our elders. Our parents teach us speech and body language, so that we mimic the same language and even the same accents. This is because we all have the same ability to learn to communicate, but we only communicate in the ways in which we were taught.

Most likely, telepathy is not something your parents taught you; but this doesnt mean that you cant use this ability. It only means that you haven't learned how to make use of it yet.

Here are some methods which can help you to develop your inherent telepathic abilities.

Mental-Muscle training

Just like you weren't born knowing how to direct your vocal chords and mouth to speak a particular language, the 'muscles' responsible for telepathy need to be trained.

The part of your brain which is responsible for telepathy is most readily accessed while you are in a trance state. This is a state of deep relaxation which can be reached through meditation and other techniques.

Learn to relax your mind so that you can reach your trance state easily. When you can reach this point, you've begun to train your mind to be controlled at will.


Learning to maintain your minds focus while you're in a trance state can be quite difficult to master. During your next deep relaxation session, focus on someone you'd like to contact you.

Visualize them and project positive thoughts. Visualize them receiving your thoughts. Remain focused on this until the recipient has had enough time to absorb these thoughts.

Then, break off the focus. You need to break the telepathic link so that they can feel this communication being cut off and start trying to contact you with their mind.

The point of learning to focus while on your own is so that when you begin your training with a partner, your mind will already be receptive and ready to receive impressions and images more easily.

Partner Practice

One partner will be the sender and the other will be the receiver in this exercise. The sender should begin by projecting simple thoughts such as bright colors.

The receiver should keep a writing utensil and paper close at hand so that they can write down any communications they receive from the sender.

After ending the session, the sender and receiver should compare their results and see how successful the session has been. Don't worry if its difficult as first. Like any other skill, telepathy will become easier with practice.


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