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It seems as if the fight to stay slim gets harder when you get older.

This, however, comes as no surprise. After all, your metabolism is slowing down and you’re battling with different health issues along the way. But does that mean that you take everything sitting down? Are you suppose to accept the fact that you can’t be as fit as you were when you were in your teens and early twenties? If that’s how you view things, you may as well throw in the trowel and give up with you battle to stay slim, healthy, and beautiful.

Well, you’re definitely not helping when you constantly go on a crash diet.

Sadly, the media has been exploiting the vulnerability of older women. First and foremost, being somewhat on the heavy side doesn’t automatically mean that you lead an unhealthy life. If you’re happy with your body, then kudos to you. Right now, you need to worry more on how the scale tips. You need to see what’s inside and make sure that while you may not be ideally thin, you can still consider yourself to be a very healthy person. If you took a look at some cultures, curvy women are thought to be more attractive. Weight was a sign of fertility and strength, and while men flocked to these women like flies, westerners have a totally different belief system altogether.

The industry, particularly fashion, insists that being thin is the only way a woman is considered to be happy and beautiful. Ironically, this is in a society where obesity is one of the most common problems. These women are faced with discrimination and ridicule on an almost daily basis, and they immediately assume that just because they’re not of a certain size, they’re immediately unhealthy. While being overweight puts you more at risk of several diseases, you also have to consider bone structure and heredity before you jump to conclusions.

To feel truly beautiful, you need to work on the inside first.

Eat right, exercise regularly, and know that even as you age, you are still a woman of substance. When you really look at it, age is merely numbers, no more, no less. Your true age is in the way you live. Obviously, the more careful you are with your lifestyle, the better you’ll feel. Being fit is only a by-product of living well, and right now, you need to work on giving your body what it needs as you get older. Take a good liquid vitamin such as GBG Liquid Mult-vitamin, and treat yourself to a lot of fruits, vegetables, and protein.

As long as you learn to listen to your body, you will be at your best at any age.

Don’t try to focus on what the media’s standards are. You need to have your own set of principles and go with what your body tells you is right. Therefore, this is a call to women all over to support and encourage each other. One who is fit and active will always more beautiful than the woman who’s thin and starving.


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