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When it comes to identifying the proper way to build muscle fast, you’d find that one of the things that need to be considered is gearing up a suitable meal plan that will best back-up your muscle building program. By apportioning the right percentage of minerals and nutrients, you’d ensure optimal growth of muscle as well as providing maximal strength and power to help you endure those arduous training sessions.

That being said, one key nutrient that should be permanently present in every diet program is protein. Amongst other things, proteins are very useful as the body uses it to reconstruct injured muscle tissue as well as grow brand new ones. So one assured method on how to build muscle fast while simultaneously ensuring smooth functioning of other bodily processes is to consume substantial amounts of protein daily.


So how much one should take? Well, the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of protein for  active muscle builders is around 1-2 grams per pound to the individual’s body weight. Here’s an example to better illustrate it:



Present Weight in Pounds: 300 lbs.

Recommended Protein Intake Per Day = Present Weight x RDA For Protein

= 300 lbs x 2 grams

= 600 grams of protein per day.

Fresh Whole Eggs

With just a single egg, it can provide around six to eight grams of protein. Don’t chuck out the yolk though as it is loaded with nutrients such as calcium, folate and vitamins A and D. Just be sure to reduce your fat consumption for the day to help level out things as the yolk contains high levels of cholesterol.

Canned Tuna/Salmon

This is one food source that can be bought anywhere, plus it can give about 37-40 grams of protein in just a single can. In addition, it’s brimming with essential fatty acids like your omega-3, which is definitely good for the heart.


Ground Beef

Often, getting those chopped pure lean beef can be pretty costly. That's why ground beef is a cheaper alternative for it. Be certain to get those that are 80% pure beef and rinse it well to reduce fat content by half.




This type of food variety is not only packed with protein at 18 grams per cup, it’s loaded with dietary fiber that helps cleanses out the body’s toxins.

Chicken Breast and Turkey

Just by one serving you can get about 22-25 grams of protein. Furthermore, this is a healthier choice than eating red meat since the chicken and turkey are associated with lesser health risks. Don’t forget to remove the skin though as it is loaded with saturated fat.


A cup of almonds can already provide 18-20 grams of protein. I guess that’s why almonds definitely work as one of the best protein snacks that you can munch on as it amps up your protein level just right.


Drinking milk easily supplements your protein needs as one glass can give you roughly 6-8 grams. Aside from that, when looking for the best way on how to build muscle fast, then milk can also help build-up a solid framework for you to work on.

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