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One of the best changes you can make to your diet during pregnancy is eliminating processed foods from your diet plan, instead change to organic, whole and unprocessed foods. Processed foods is a category that encompasses just about all prepackaged food item you can come up with, from fast food to deli sandwiches, and even foods like crackers, cookies, and chips.

The average woman should limit her weight gain throughout pregnancy to between 20 and 30 pounds. Avoiding certain items can help you maintain an acceptable weight gain without putting on too much. But limiting processed foods has additional advantages as well.


Why Avoiding Processed Foods Is Important

Beside weight control, avoiding processed foods can aid in eliminating--or at least minimizing--several common pregnancy concerns. For example, if you are prone to water retention, you should know that processed items contain fillers, sodium, and preservatives which worsen the condition.

If you feel hungry all the time, switching prepackaged foods with a source of organic lean protein (such as a handful of raw nuts) can make the difference between hunger and a sense of fullness.

Finally, if you experience constipation issues throughout the next nine months, eliminating processed foods from your diet can ease this condition. Processed foods are notoriously low in fiber, and a high fiber diet is vital for treating constipation.


Making the Switch

You can make the switch from processed foods to organic, whole foods slowly if you find the transition hard. For instance, instead of eating lunch meat when pregnant, you could opt for a lean piece of organic chicken or beef.

Seafood is not entirely verboten from your diet during pregnancy, as long as you watch the mercury content and limit your servings. So, using this example, you may choose a wild salmon fillet instead of a deli sandwich. Make these changes as you see fit--every step toward a whole and natural diet is a step in the right direction!

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