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No matter our age as adults something happens to us when we think of chocolate. There’s that feeling of being young at heart where the nostalgia of our youthfulness comes rushing in as we indulge on a sumptuous piece of chocolate. Without a doubt, chocolate is among the most popular treats that not only stirs our gastronomic senses but gets our brains buzzing with delight.

Chocolate is said to contain phenylephylamine, the same hormone that the brain releases when you fall in love. So, when cupid is asleep and can’t shoot an arrow at that one you love, you can always use the love drug known as chocolate.


Next time you are looking to rouse your mate and stimulate your desire for love, uncover the true taste of chocolate with this lavishing and mouth watering recipe for Chocolate Ganache.

Ganache is primary coilally a mixture of existing parts of chocolate and heavy cream which is perfect for glazing, icing or fillings for pastries. This scrumptious treat basically originated in Switzerland and France in the mid 1850’s. The name itself is derived from a French word jowl.

Chocolate Ganache - is a fancy sounding dessert that is very simple and easy to prepare. It is very assorted and great for any chocolate gourmet on any occasion. This to die for Chocolate Ganache recipe is perfect for truffle base, fillings between cake and cookie layers or can be smoothed and softened to make a simple yet perfect chocolate mousse. Indeed one phenomenal blend where each of the ingredients are enhanced by each other. A perfect groove for a perfect dessert! The best part is, everyone even a little kid has the skill and ability to make it!

You think I’m kidding? Trust me this is as easy as ABC… The basic Ganache simply consists of two main ingredients semi-sweet chocolate and heavy cream. For home style tempering the easiest and most fail safe way is to smoothly mix the chocolate with the right temperature of cream. The cream is brought to a boil and then removed from the heat and slowly stirred into a bowl of chopped chocolate chunks. Let it set for a moment until it becomes a soft texture, then whisked until smooth, Finally your Ganache is now ready to be eaten anyway you like… By the spoon full is how I like it. It is indeed, a lip smacking reward to a very tiresome day in the office or hard day in school.

A very quick and trouble-free treat that is truly delectable to your taste buds. So if you have a sweet tooth or you just love the feeling of being a kid again. Just take a bite of our luscious chocolate delight that will give you a time warp back to your childhood.

Remember that when chocolate is treated with care it will give us love forever!

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Eating chocolate and losing weight! It doesn't get any better than that.
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