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It may sound like a difficult thing to do – to be constant and yet still have variety of foods at the same time.  But this is doable and is one of the best ways to control your diabetes along with your diet.  The consistency comes in by having set meal times and the same basic serving sizes.  And the range refers to attempting to use as a variety of foods within the meals as you can.

It can be simple to find a few foods that work well together with your blood sugars and that are easy to prepare and simply stay with them.  You probably  would most definitely get bored with this and you might not end up getting all the nutrients you need from such a limited set of foods.

Whether you are into the carbohydrate counting, calorie, fat or some alternate diets, you will have a lot of room for flexibility.  You can mix different foods together for something new or take a look at foods you've never had before.  You can meet with your dietitian to get further ideas for recipes and different meals that you can eat to add extra variety in your diet.


There will likely be instances that you try some new food and your blood sugars blast sky high as a result. Think back on that day – Did you have less activity or take your insulin later than usual?  If the new meals is the only change you made, then let your dietitian know.  You could possibly prepare the meals differently or eat it with something else or you might have to steer clear of that food if it doesn’t work to your particular diabetic diet.

Just because you might have diabetes doesn't mean that you can't be adventurous and try new foods and combination's.  Just try to keep your meals at your normal meal time and stay with your normal portion sizes.

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