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The inhabitants of the Amazonian rain forests have have long been enjoying the acai. This small berry has been part of their cooking recipes  for centuries.The acai is greatly valued by the  local people of the Amazonian rain forests as it  is a vital part of their survival.

To better understand the power of this berry, you need to understand the role played by the acai's inherent nutritional  make-up. The  day to day use of Acai Berry is said to promote better digestion, supports weight loss, normalizes blood pressure, increases energy and above all helps anti-aging.


Acai Berry – A Weapon against Cancer & Chronic Disease

Acai Berry helps retard the  attack by tiny harmful molecules  named free radicals in to your body. Free radicals can  help to develop serious ailments like cancer and in some cases harm the body’s  DNA. The antioxidants in Acai fights these free radicals helping to reduce their number and lessen the damage to your body.

Acai Berry Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

The Acai is full of essential fatty acid content.These healthy fatty acids increase the level of good cholesterol plus at the same time lessens the quantity of bad cholesterol. These fatty acids also build the absorption capacity of essential vitamins A, D, E and K in the blood. Phytosterols are also plentiful in the Acai berry. These phytosterol  slow the assimilation and piling up of bad cholesterol on the walls of the intestine.

The Digestion Process and the Acai

Acai is also a plentiful source of healthy enzymes. These enzymes not only aid in digestion but also helps to stop constipation and acidity.

Great Taste (if you live in Brazil)

You're probably thinking that any fruit this good for you must taste disgusting.  No way! Indeed the  contrary is true. The Acai has a very enjoyable taste with fresh acai juice being a popular drink offered at many cafes and health bars in Brazil.

Unfortunately you are probably not to ever enjoy that flavor  until you visit the Amazon. The Acai fruit loses its nutritional content within 24 hours after harvesting.This is also  one of the reasons why this fruit was only well known and enjoyed in Brazil.

But thanks to modern science plus the fast improving popularity of Acai Berry, it is now available worldwide.

Now anyone anywhere in the world can  benefit from this small fruit without traveling all the way to Amazonian rain forests by easily ordering Acai products online.


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