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Weight Training Routines And Tips For Success PDF Print E-mail

Exercise is for everyone.  Anyone can find an aerobic program that is interesting.  And everyone needs strength and weight training routines to tone and strengthen muscles that are not sport specific.

When you use one or two specific aerobic exercises you are working and strengthening only specific muscles.  Weight training routines will help you to tone and strengthen most of your large muscle groups.

Are Inversion Tables Effective for Back Pain Treatment? PDF Print E-mail

Why do people regularly miss work?  The answer is simple: back pain. Inversion tables can offer an easy method to relieve it.  More than 90% of the population has experienced back pain at some point in their lives, with 10% experiencing persistent back pain.  There are limits to what traditional remedial options can do for back pain.  But inversion tables could offer a reasonable and effective alternative.

Training for Cycling on a Daily Basis PDF Print E-mail

A common question about Cycling is How to train to ride on a daily basis. A lot of people worry about riding too much when they first start out cycling.

Cycling is a very low impact form of exercise. That means that cycling is easy on the joints. Cycling is also a very good way to burn a lot of calories during. This means you have to refuel the body if you want to try and ride daily.

Kettlebells Simply Do a Better Job than Dumbbells PDF Print E-mail

If you are thinking about getting a set of dumbbells, think about this. Why are you considering getting dumbbells? Are you going to use them to exercise muscles in your body, or use them as a doorstop? Of course the choice is yours, but consider this. Wouldn’t you be better off buying something that simply works better and faster?

Kettlebells were created in Russia as a cast iron weight that look something like a cannonball with handles. More modern design keep the original concept but most sculpt the weight to give a little more sophisticated look. Some manufactures will add a rubber or rubber like coating or covering to the kettlebell to improve safety for floors and anything else they may hit.

Choosing the WRONG Exercises? PDF Print E-mail


Get ready, this is gonna hurt! The exercises most bodybuilders focus on the most, are the ones that cause the most problems... hopefully, you're different.

But before we share with you what those exercises are, let's talk real quickly about what bodybuilding is...



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