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Two Accessories For Men PDF Print E-mail

There are few items that every man should have as part of their wardrobe. For men who enjoy sports and swear by their training or work out exercises, sports gear such as pearl izumi shorts are a must have. They can be worn in different fitness routines such as body building, jogging, running, walking or even biking.

How to Exercise Your Stomach Muscles When Pregnant To Stay Toned and Fit for Delivery PDF Print E-mail

Having a baby is filled with a myriad of joys and excitement, particularly when it is your very first pregnancy. From choosing baby names to getting the baby room ready maternity is one of the most special occasions in a woman’s life. However it also comes along with its own list of distinctive challenges and unexpected situations. Among the least appealing facets of pregnancy is weight gain. But putting on weight while pregnant doesn't need to be extreme. You are able to keep yourself fit and trim during pregnancy with a combination of cardiovascular exercise and safe abdominal exercises during pregnancy.

Best Way Of Burning Fat: Add More Intensity! PDF Print E-mail

High intensity exercise has been shown over time to be the best way to burn more fat. Part of this is due to the exercise after-burn, also referred to as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This is the number of calories expended (above resting values) after an exercise bout.

The oxygen consumption the body uses to return to its pre-exercise state represents EPOC.

The physiologic mechanisms responsible for increased metabolism following exercise include oxygen replenishment, phosphagen (ATP-PC) resynthesis, lactic acid removal, increased ventilation, and increased blood circulation and body temperature.

Running and Weight Loss Revealed PDF Print E-mail

Losing weight can be accomplished by running. One downside is that some of the weight you lose through this method is going to be muscle weight, so you should always augment your running with some time doing resistance training or circuit training workouts. One benefit to running is that you get an additional hour of increased metabolism after you are done running.

Choosing a Long-Lasting Treadmill Trainer PDF Print E-mail

The Lifespan tr3000 treadmill is the top of the line among the collection of Lifespan treadmills.  The Lifespan tr3000 treadmill is made to help you experience a commercial gym fitness program on a home based piece of equipment.  The largest advantage, though, even though the Lifespan tr3000 treadmill is high quality and will enable you to perform a similar fitness session that you might expect at the gym on one of their treadmills, you will not pay the price which you will think for such a high quality piece of residential workout equipment.  Lifetime is a newly established company which markets premium quality home gym products for less than the premium price.


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