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High heels can lift up even the most drab look immediately.Pair the most simple skirt or trousers with killer stilettos and you are bound to look fab. While high heels can make you look sexy in an instant,they have their share of drawbacks too. They may bring along pain which can be quite annoying.If you do not wish to hand over your heels for anything, it is apt that you find out how to avoid discomfort caused due to high heels.

Perhaps, you’ve noticed that certain women seem to wear their heels without any obvious sign of being suffering pain. This is because they have discovered the secret to wearing such shoes correctly.High heel pain can be avoided if they are worn in the right demeanor.Start by checking the scale of your shoe. Most girls experience pain because they have an ill fitting pair. So make sure that your shoes are not too tight.

Another factor you've got to pay close attention to in this context is to test the height of the heels that you are wearing. It has been observed that wearing heels of extreme height can simply put forth the issue of pain in many women. If you can not do without wearing high heels at all, the least you can do is to cut back on the duration for which you wear them. When you're wearing high heels ensure that you walk in them for a minimum span of five mins.This could give you fair idea that the height of the heel is suitable for you or not.

You can also determine the acceptability of the heels by standing against the wall and rising on your toes. Try and lift your heels as far off the grounds as practical.The opening between the ground and the ankle should be the ideal height of your heels.

You may not be in a position to avoid high heel pain altogether everytime.There could be certain situations where you’ll just have to strain your toes. In such circumstances you can try and reduce the pain by stretching your calf muscles. Alternatively,you can lie down on the bed, stretch your toes and hold them for a count of five. Then bring them back to your normal position. This will also help in stretching out the calf muscles.

If the pain continues to persist,try soaking your feet in water for sometime. All you need to do is to put some hot water in a bucket and soak your feet for a period of time in this water. The hot water will reduce out the pain that you are experiencing and thus will bring great relief to you. However, do ensure that the water that you use isn't boiling hot or else you might burn your skin in the process.

So go forward and walk around in those hot high heels, but while you do so,do remember to stick to the tips given here. Naturally,comfort is a very big price to pay for a small bit of style.


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