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Going to the eyeglass store to pick out new Prescription Eyeglass Frames can be a great deal of fun.  However, for some people it can be rather overwhelming.  With hundreds or choices to pick from, the whole process can be lengthy and frustrating.  Most of the time people tend to stick with the same style of frames they have worn for years because the thought of having to choice from the zillions of others seems too difficult.  Don’t be afraid to change your eyeglass frames however.  After all, unless you want your style to be stuck in the past, you will have to make a change at some point.  Use these five factors in choosing your eyeglass frames to help you through the process.


To be practical, the first thing you should look at when you are shopping for new or Kids Eyeglasses Frames is the durability.  While some frames are very durable and can withstand active lifestyles, others simply cannot.  Think about your lifestyle and determine what type of eyeglass frames would work best with your current schedule.  If you are someone who enjoys sports and who is always on the go, you probably shouldn’t purchase dainty eyeglass frames.  You will want to purchase sturdy frames that will be able to keep up with you easily.  If you are one that would rather sit on the sidelines however, you will be able to choose those dainty frames if you wish.


Whether you like your glasses or not says a lot about what type of frame you should choose.  However, even if you like those 1980’s styled glasses, you may need an updated look.  When you are choosing eyeglass frames, think about current style.  You don’t have to choose trendy frames, especially if you are afraid they will go out of style before you even wear them once.  But, you should choose eyeglass frames with an updated edge.  There are hundreds of different frames to choose from, so don’t be afraid there won’t be one you like.  When you open yourself up to try new styles, you will find that you are more comfortable with change than you originally thought yourself to be.

One thing to consider when choosing your glasses based on style is the shape of your face in contrast with the shape of the frame.  If you have a rounder face, don’t purchase rounded framed glasses.  Instead, stick with frames that have a square edge in order to balance out your face.  If your face is square in contrast, be sure to choose eyeglass frames with a soft rounded edge.  This will help you when you are trying to find glasses that look good on you.


Obviously most people will think about nothing but price when they are shopping.  The fact is that price plays a huge part in which eyeglass frames you choose.  If your vision insurance only gives you a certain amount to spend on frames, you will likely be only looking at frames within that spending range.  The great news is that there are tons of manufacturers who are now making frames both stylish and inexpensive.  Keep in mind that cheaper eyeglasses may look just like their expensive counterparts, but they are likely to be less durable.


Size plays a huge part in getting the right eyeglass frames.  If you want your glasses to be comfortable and to look great, think about the size of the frames you choose.  If you choose frames that are too small for your face, then they will likely never be comfortable and you will look ridiculous.  If you choose eyeglass frames that are too large for your face, you will constantly be peeking from behind the lenses, never letting anyone see the real you behind the big frames.  Frames that are too big will also be more likely to slip down your nose, making you constantly push them back up.  Be sure you are choosing frames that are best for your face size.


Another practical thing to think about when shopping for a Prescription Eyeglass Frame is the level of appropriateness that comes with each pair.  If you are looking for a pair of eyeglasses that will be useful for any event, think about that before choosing.  You might be tempted to choose the trendy pink pair just for fun.  Think about having to wear them to your job or to a formal event however and if you feel fine about this, go ahead and choose that crazy pair.  However, you may find yourself needing a modest pair in gold, silver, black, or brown.  These colors and frames go with anything and you may find their versatility to be welcoming.


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