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Like many people, you may have wanted to change the color of your eyes at one time or another. In the past this was either impossible or extremely hard to do.  Many people of the old days actually went blind while trying dies and bleaches in order to change their eye color.  Even in the recent past, colored  tinting was added into contacts to try to change eye color.  And, the results were plainly disappointing.

Brown is the most common eye color in humans.  Some individuals have an iris so dark, that the dark shade of their pupil is barely distinguishable from their iris. People with these kind of eyes could never use the old style of contacts to change their eye color because the contact just blended with  their dark eye color and you couldn't hardly even tell they were there.  So if you're one of these people, likelihood is you've sworn off having colored contacts forever.  And if you're not, you probably were really disappointed with your results too.

Historically, back in the 1980s, colored contacts were basically a lens that were tinted with the coloration that you wanted. Sort of like "sunglasses" on contacts. In fact, they would eve act like sunglasses as they would 'tint' the sun along with tinting everything you saw.  However, they did not work very well to alter a persons eye color. The way they would alter eye color was by mixing the tint on the contact with the eye color you already had. So, if you have light eyes, they may have worked fine for you. But, if you had brown or about any other darker eye color, you would have been fortunate if you got any results at all. In most cases, you would simply have a ring around your iris that made it very apparent that you are sporting colored contacts.

Some colors are more popular than others. For example, green contacts was essentially the most difficult to obtain. Most of the time, prior to now, you were fortunate to just end up with some form of brown color if you wore green contact lenses. Making a dramatic impact with green eyes was next to impossible. If you are in search of a pure look, green was the final obtainable option for you. Many individuals spent huge amounts of cash on prescription contacts only to get  little to no real results at all.

However, you can be delighted to know that technology has changed dramatically in the past 5 years. Now anybody can use the new colored contacts and get dramatic results. If you have been turned off by colored contacts prior to now, now is the time to change all of that. Even hard to find colors are obtainable. In addition, the green and hazel contact lenses are capable of getting dramatic results with any color eyes. You can even sport spooky designed or even cat eyed Halloween contacts. You additionally needn't worry about having extremely light or dark colored eyes, either. no longer need to blend in with your current eye color. With all of these choices, you should use your creativity and find the colored contacts that are right for you.

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