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One of the most ideal forms of physical workout when you want to stay healthy is Jogging. Jogging is considered among the most ideal forms of physical workout when you want to stay healthy and fit. It's one of the most practical type of physical exercise too since it is free and incredibly effective in burning calories at the same time. This makes jogging perfect when you want to lose weight and shed those extra pounds. Here are some helpful tips in jogging that you'll want to know.

Note: Before you take on jogging as an exercise, you should consult your physician just to be safe.

The first suggestion is to put on jogging gear that you find comfortable. It is imperative that your jogging wear be comfortable. The fact that it looks good on you helps too, as that affects your attitude. Make certain that it's not too tight nor too loose. It should be easy to put on and take off. Choose clothes that are made of cotton so as to facilitate simple absorption when you sweat. Ensure that you keep both your upper and lower extremities comfortable whenever it is cold.

The second tip is to select an appropriate jogging route. Don't jog on an unstable surface as it may make you slip or fall. Jog on a ground free of any loose rocks, gravel or irregular surfaces.

Before you begin jogging, do some warm up exercises and stretches first. This stretches and warms up your body and legs just before you start jogging. Begin your jog by walking about 25-100 steps so to start the whole course of jogging gradually. Notice your respiratory rate and heart rate.  See that they increase gradually to a tolerable level, then you can boost the speed to a controllable pace. When you want to stop, do not stop suddenly. Instead, slow down first, then come to a stop.  Do this so as to prevent sudden change of body movement that may cause your blood pressure to spike or dip suddenly. In as much as warming up is essential, you should also perform a cooling down routine every after exercise.

Stay upright and avoid springing back too much while jogging. Raise your front knee and stretch out your leg in one smooth movement. Do not jar your feet to the ground. Try to use the balls of the feet and not the heals. Keep your arms bent at the elbow and close to you.  Sway them, naturally, in a back and forth movement, parallel towards your path of travel and never across the body. Do not close your fists tightly, but allow them to move freely. Shoulders need to be relaxed, your chest out. Do not slouch or lean forward, looking at the ground.  Poor jogging posture will consequently result to unpleasant upper body and distressful pain in the back and shoulders and neck.

Finally, hydration plays an important role in jogging, or any physical exercise you will engage in. When you do any form of workout, your body naturally loses fluids, particularly in a hot climate. You need to drink plenty of water just as you start jogging. Just avoid drinking more than what your stomach can handle. After all, a full belly while jogging can be very unnerving. Also, putting just a pinch of sea salt (not table salt) will help replace the electrolytes lost.

Jogging can be a great family event. However jogging with a baby can be challenging.  Do not use a sling or any on the body child carriers as they cause the baby to shake and bounce.  There are many jogging strollers that can allow baby to come along for the ride as you exercise. At the same time, jogging with a small child isn't an easy task at all, as they cannot keep up to your pace. You will need to adjust your pace to match theirs. Of course, doing so will hamper your benefits from the exercise.  You can adjust your speed by taking smaller steps rather than just slowing down.  Try different techniques to allow your child to keep up, and you will find great enjoyment in using jogging as an exercise the whole family can enjoy.



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