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A common question about Cycling is How to train to ride on a daily basis. A lot of people worry about riding too much when they first start out cycling.

Cycling is a very low impact form of exercise. That means that cycling is easy on the joints. Cycling is also a very good way to burn a lot of calories during. This means you have to refuel the body if you want to try and ride daily.


Cycling daily can certainly get boring at times. So I advise newbie riders to start out with rides that vary. Let’s say you start riding a ten mile course and your body gets used to it. Before you know it, that course becomes easy which means your legs are getting stronger. Now, is when you want to mix it up and switch gears a bit. A great way of doing this is to ride the same course backwards. This also helps reduce a bit of the boredom that you may experience.

Cycling increased distances help you increase your endurance. This is almost like a race car drivers needing to get in more and more laps in the car. Cyclist need increased seat time as well. This helps your body adjust to the riding position for prolonged periods of time. The more time you ride the less soreness you will experience in your neck, back and arms as your body adjust. Now obviously, if you are experiencing back, neck and shoulder pain, you might want to have a Pro Fit done on your bike as well. There is a difference between persistent pain and endurance pain.

If you are starting out cycling, try stair stepping your way up the mileage chart.

ex: Day 1 cycle 10 miles, Day 2 cycle 12 miles, day 3 cycle 14 miles.

You may find that 14 miles is exhausting. If so, stay here for a few days before adding another 2 miles in. I think you see the point.

Once your comfortably completing 14 miles, add on another 2 miles. Before you know it, you’ll be riding 20 to 30 miles and even more.

Experienced and seasoned riders actually become bored and depressed if they don’t get out and ride everyday. Shoot I know I do, that’s for certain. Even at this level of riding it is still important to give your body a day of rest and recovery. Some do, some don’t. It’s really a rider preference at this point.

Another great method of cycling training is to ride indoors. There are many ways to accomplish this. I actually go to the YMCA and do a Spinning class once a week. In fact, Spinning actually got me into real cycling. One thing about Spinning. It can be as hard of a work out as you want to make it.

Indoor cycling trainers are resistance trainers that you can buy and use in your house. It is very easy to hook your bike into the trainer and start peddling away. I highly recommend purchasing various indoor cycling training DVDs. You can certainly use the coaching to help your training. I have several from Robbie Ventura, Spinnervals, Carmichael, and a few virtual cycling training DVDs from Global Ride.

One of the best possible indoor training methods is to train on a CompuTrainer. If you want to fork out the cashola, you could do this at your home. Otherwise my option of choice is to hunt a local Bike Shop that has an indoor training studio. You can sign up for CompuTrainer classes, bring your own bike and ride to the provided courses. Some shops even do this as a good form of competitive cycling during the winter months.

So, there you have several good cycling training tips that should help you become a better cyclist. They all work well, but ultimately, just get on the bike and RIDE!

I’m headed out the door for 30 miles right now.


Happy Cycling

The Cycling Guy

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