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Gevalia Green Tea: The Secrets PDF Print E-mail

The green tea offered by Gevalia is known to be the "emerald of the Orient" because of its uniquely light and delicate flavor. It is very hard for other teas to equal the quality of Gevalia green tea, which is complemented by its natural refreshing characteristics and the health benefits confirmed to be offered by consuming green tea on a regular basis.

Cherry Juice For Gout and Arthritis Pain PDF Print E-mail


Living with arthritis pain can be unbearable however thanks to improving medical technology people suffering from arthritis pain can now manage that pain naturally. Proper eating and incorporating natural arthritis fighting foods can be the first step in eliminating joint pain. One natural source many arthritis suffers are turning to is cherry juice concentrate.

This bright red fruit grown in the Traverse Bay area cherry of Michigan is fast becoming the first choice for joint pain suffers. Fortunately, this is one super fruit that is grown in the United States with Traverse Bay region of Michigan growing over 60% of the cherries in the US, this area becoming known for its traverse bay cherry juice.

Flavored Coffee Creamers PDF Print E-mail

Coffee is the brewed drink crafted from roasted seeds known as coffee beans. The actual history of java began scores of years ago; but its origin continues to be unclear. Coffee is said to have an anti-oxidant feature, that is effective in bettering the immune system and preventing ailments which include cancer and diabetic issues. Coffee also contains caffeine, which provides stimulating effects. These days, java is drunk by a range of individuals from diverse backgrounds.  Coffee may be tasted simply as black coffee, or flavored coffee creamers may be added to provide a variety of various invigorating tastes and aromas.

The Dangers of Carbonated Beverages and You PDF Print E-mail

The goal of this piece is certainly not to   frighten you but to enlighten you, although it may do both.  These days the consumption of carbonated beverages (such as soft drinks), particularly among our youth, is quite disconcerting when you consider that these beverages are toxic to the human body.   Below are some examples of  toxic compounds: sugar, carbonation, aspartame, food dyes and phosphoric acid.


Beat The Heat With Refreshing Summer Coolers PDF Print E-mail

Come summers 'n it's time for the heat to take over you. However you can beat the heat with some refreshing 'n delectable summer coolers. And don't worry, you do not need to devote money sipping them in expensive restaurants. You could readily make your summer coolers at back home and you could get rid of the heat in a delectable manner.



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