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Living with arthritis pain can be unbearable however thanks to improving medical technology people suffering from arthritis pain can now manage that pain naturally. Proper eating and incorporating natural arthritis fighting foods can be the first step in eliminating joint pain. One natural source many arthritis suffers are turning to is cherry juice concentrate.

This bright red fruit grown in the Traverse Bay area cherry of Michigan is fast becoming the first choice for joint pain suffers. Fortunately, this is one super fruit that is grown in the United States with Traverse Bay region of Michigan growing over 60% of the cherries in the US, this area becoming known for its traverse bay cherry juice.

The tart cherry is the variety of cherry that has had most of the research conducted by medical universities on its pain fight ability. While it is true there are other types of cherries including the balaton, sweet, dark and other, it is the Montmorency type that offers the majority of scientific proof.

The main component of the cherry that has attracted much attention is the Anthocyanins. Currently there are over 350 different types of Anthocyanins that exist in nature, but it is how they are blended together that make the Montmorency variety to potent arthritis pain fighter. According to published research from Michigan State that anthocyanins in this red fruit have been found to inhibit COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes. This means they can naturally block the transmission of pain signals to the brain so the body doesn't feel the pain.

In addition to blocking pain, anthocyanins can also help the body to fight from cell oxidation caused by free radicals and help to lower uric acid in the body. Thus, in addition to relieving joint pain, the cherry can also dissolve uric acid crystals that form in the joints due to excessive uric acid levels. As the uric acid levels increase crystals begin to form and deposit themselves between the joints usually in the foot and the foot. Cherry juice has been found to help dissolve these crystals, thus allowing them to be excreted from the body in the urine.

So where can you find cherry products to help fight arthritis and gout pain? For fresh cherries, the best place is to visit your local grocery store. The produce section will usually have them for a few weeks during the summer harvest. Stores like Albertsons will have a good selection of fresh cherries.

However, since fresh cherries are only available a few short weeks out of the year, you may want to start drinking cherry juice concentrate. It takes the juice of 80 cherries to make just one ounce of cherry juice concentrate. So it is a super charged way of getting its pain fighting ability. You can get cherry juice concentrate from Traverse Bay Farms and the company will even ship the concentrate to you with free shipping.

Finally, cherry capsules or cherry extract are also popular for many people. These are cherries in an extract form. This means you can swallow the cherry capsule or mix the extract with a morning shake or smoothie. You can find cherry capsules and extract from Fruit Advantage. They offer a complete line of super fruit products including this ruby red fruit in a capsule and extract form. So the next time you are looking for a natural way to fight gout and arthritis add a glass of red tart cherry juice to your day.

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