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Facebook is considered to be one of the most popular social networking on the World Wide Web recently that millions of people from the different walks of life and of different ages, ethnics, religion and races use this friendly social networking to connect to their relatives, friends, acquaintances, former classmates and colleagues, among others.



Thus, posting anything on this site, like your profile information – name, location, birth date, job and school among others – are publicized internationally. Posting your profile picture is also giving others the chance to know how and what you look like. Therefore, do not just post anything you don't want the public to see on your profile picture,.  Be sensitive with the clothes you wear and always remember that your profile picture in Facebook will reflect what and how you are as a person.


As much as possible avoid pictures that almost reveal the private parts of your body, because you do not know who is viewing your profile picture.  As you know, there are many VERY BAD people that can find out your personal information out there on the Internet, and you DON'T want to come face-to-face with any of them.


It is a fact that once the search engines scan your picture and archives it, that picture becomes a permanent fixture of the web even after it's taken down from your page.  I have both pictures and text that I posted way back in 1995 that I can still pull up simply using Google and the right keyword.  So, don't think you can just take it down when you're tired of it.  It's sort of like glue.


Another thing to consider.  Many companies now scan Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and other sites to see if they can find any information on both candidates they are considering for hire, and existing employees.  You don't want to be turned down or let go because of something they find about you on the Internet.  In many cases, they may never tell you that was the reason, so take heed.  With that said, you might consider Facebook or one of the other sites as a tool to actually help you secure your job.  By placing a great looking photograph on your Facebook page according to the type of work you do, you can actually let it help you.


The most preferable outfit to wear when posing for your profile pictures are those that are more wholesome and conservative without compromising on being fashionable and going with the latest trend at the same time. Some good suggestions would be bright and colorful dresses for women and custom dress shirts and blazers or jackets for men with designs that look attractive in pictures. There are different styles and designs for great looking mens dress shirts that are worth posting your profile picture, and besides, how you wear and hold yourself is what really matters more than just the garments you put on.


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