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Have you ever wondered about the right way to make a tie-dye shirt?  Here's how with this clear-cut step-by-step guide.

Pretty soon, you may be styling with your very own self-made tie-dye shirt before you realize it!

You will need to get the following materials:

  • Two or three different shade dyes
  • One squeeze bottle
  • One white T-shirt
  • Soda ash
  • Bunch rubber bands
  • NOTE: A tie-dye kit
    ought to include everything

1. Get out your bottle to mix the dye. A mustard or mayonnaise bottle would be perfect for the job. Pour the dye concentrate into the bottle and add water. Shake it really well and let it sit.  NOTE: You can buy already mixed dyes in bottles.

2. Now, get out your white T-shirt and soak it in water. Remember to wring it out really good, you want it to be damp but not dripping. Lay it out across a flat surface and place your finger in the midst of your shirt. That is going to be the center of your spiral.

3. Keep your finger in the middle and start to twist the shirt round your finger. Make sure that the shirt stays flat on the surface. Continue twisting the shirt until it is all wound up. It should be about three to five inches tall.

4. Now you are going to wrap up your wadded T-shirt with some rubber bands, about three or 4 should do it. Arrange them evenly up the shirt.

5. Go to the kitchen sink or other large basin, plug the bottom and fill it up with water. Add an generous amount of soda ash to the water. Stir the water for a few minutes and permit the soda ash to mix well.

6. Place the shirt in the sink and leave it completely submerged in the soda ash water for about twenty minutes to a half hour.

7. When the time is up, return and take the shirt out of the solution. Give it an really good twist to squeeze out all the water. But be sure to not rinse it out.

8. Now, return to your flat surface and lay down some type of plastic. This is the messy part. In my experience a trash bag works fairly well. Get out your bottles filled with dye and begin applying it to your shirt. You do not need any white to stick out, so color in the whole thing.

9. Find another trash bag and cover your shirt up for the next 24 hours.

10. After a full day the colours will have dyed the shirt. Run the shirt below warm water until the water is clear and all the excess dye has been rinsed out.

11. Now it's time to remove the rubber bands holding your shirt together and then marvel at the masterpiece you've created!

12. Once you've rinsed it totally by hand. Place the shirt alone in the washer for twenty minutes with warm/hot water. After that, throw it in the dryer.  You now have one awesome shirt that's your individual murals! Now you know how to make a tie-dye shirt and can have and share this fun with anyone.

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