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The bodybuilding debates will never end. The endless arguments over how an effective muscle-building program ought to be structured will most likely proceed till the end of time. Just scour the Internet message boards, flip through any muscle journal or speak to the sales rep at your local fitness store. No matter who you speak to or what you read, plainly everyone is an expert these days.

If everyone seems to be an professional, assured in their very own concepts and beliefs, how can the average newbie presumably know who to listen to? They are immediately confronted with countless questions that appear to have no clear answer.


How many days should I workout per week? What number of reps ought I perform for each muscle group? What type of rep range ought to I be utilizing? What are the most effective exercises for exciting muscle development? How long ought to my workouts final? What exercises can I or do I do on my 'rest' days? Heck, What exactly IS a 'rest day?'


These questions go on and on until one is finally led to believe that building muscle is an infinitely complicated process involving rocket-science precision and an intimate understanding of human physiology. I imply, that’s what takes to build muscle, right? WRONG! There are solutions to these vital questions, and if you are prepared to take the time and effort you will find them. However that’s not what this is about.


* Building muscle is, in fact, NOT complicated.

You see, amidst all of the confusion and endless debating, the majority of weight lifters find they lose sight of the big picture. Past the entire specific workout rules, such as rep range and exercise choice, remains one essential principle, a principle that lies on the very heart of the muscle building process. If this principle is not given full attention, and even worse, ignored, building muscle becomes next to impossible.

* The underlying fact is, that muscle tissue grows as they adapt to stress.


While you go to the health club and lift weights, you create “micro-tears” within the muscle tissue. Your body perceives this as a possible threat to its survival and reacts accordingly by increasing the scale and energy of the muscle fibers to be able to shield against a possible future “attack”. Due to this fact, with the intention to regularly enhance the scale and strength of the muscle groups, you will need to focus on progressing every week by both lifting slightly more weight or performing an additional rep or two. In doing this, your body will proceed to adapt and grow to the ever-growing stress.

* Building muscle is all about building energy!


The specifics of building muscle are vital to grasp and implement, however no matter what type of coaching you’re using at present, the final word between success and failure is progression. You possibly can sit around all day obsessing over particular principles, however the bottom line is that for those who aren’t getting stronger every week, you are not going to be getting any bigger.

* So what's the strongest muscle-building device accessible?

Quite simply, it's a pen and a bit of paper! A Progress Notebook some call it. Every single time you go to the gym you should write down exactly what you accomplished and then try to enhance upon it the following week. In the event you aren’t always getting better, then you’re either staying the same or going backwards. Each week you need to have an exact plan of assault ready to be executed. If you are serious about building muscle, you simply cannot afford to just start out throwing weights around aimlessly without a clear objective in mind.


Examine your coaching strategy closely. When you haven’t been paying laser-like attention to the amount of weight you’ve been utilizing, the variety of reps you’ve been performing, striving with every ounce of your energy to enhance upon these numbers each week, you're utterly ignoring the very basis of the muscle progression process. If you wish to see the most effective gains in muscle mass and power that you can, a pen and a bit of paper is the most important device you could possibly have in your muscle building arsenal...and your gym bag.


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