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Purchasing and Buying Sunglasses Online PDF Print E-mail

Today, sunglasses have become everyone's best friend. We never leave home without them. We carry them just about anywhere our lives take us. We never miss out on every opportunity to sneak at the shades counter whenever we get the chance. Sunglasses are fast becoming indispensable. They don't just keep out those dangerous UV rays but they also exude a lot of attitude. They're our eyes on the world, especially the fashion world. The world ultimately looks better and hipper through the lenses. But with all the variety of trends coming on the scene, how do we pick the right shades? How do we know they fit our facial profile? Kids Eyeglasses Frames

Diamond Stud Earrings PDF Print E-mail

A diamond stud earring offers just one perfectly cut diamond, set in fine gold or silver. The simplicity of the design itself is its own selling point: anything fancier and you could easily fall into the trap of over-accessorizing. A single-stone earring is singled out for its sophisticated look.

How To Make a Tie Dye Shirt PDF Print E-mail

Have you ever wondered about the right way to make a tie-dye shirt?  Here's how with this clear-cut step-by-step guide.

Pretty soon, you may be styling with your very own self-made tie-dye shirt before you realize it!

You will need to get the following materials:

  • Two or three different shade dyes
  • One squeeze bottle
  • One white T-shirt
  • Soda ash
  • Bunch rubber bands
  • NOTE: A tie-dye kit
    ought to include everything
A Totally New Way To Shape Up Your Intimate Area PDF Print E-mail

Do you love blings? Blings surely light up your life, don’t they? You got an old pair of pants ? Add a little bling to it - now it's new gain. Blings are suitable for almost everything -- toys, gadgets, nails and body - even your teeth! They say that making your body shine is a guaranteed man-grabber and you know what? It really works! Men are like a moth attracted to a candle light. They can't resist.

Putting some shine to your skin makes your body more defined. It shows more contour on your curves, making you look sexier – eye candy for men. But how about going to the extreme by adding some shine down there?

Tie Dye Fold Over Yoga Pants PDF Print E-mail

Very widespread in the 70's and nonetheless well-liked with many at the moment, tie dye is a inventive approach for dyeing fabrics which end in an array of fascinating and colourful designs. Usually this involves spinning, pleating, crumpling or folding an article of clothing in various methods, securing it with string or rubber bands after which applying the dye, either by dipping or through the use of applicator bottles or syringes.

Need somewhat additional insulation to keep you heat on these bitter chilly days? You may find consolation, heat and lots of model with a unique thermal union suit. Rich, vibrant colors in a hundred percent cotton for maximum maneuverability and warmth as well! This might be an ideal do it yourself venture or you would just grab yours, ready to slide into.


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