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Anti-Acne Vitamins PDF Print E-mail

From the tips of our hair to the ends of our toe nails, vitamins help keep our body in tip top shape. Do you know that there are also vitamins that keep our skin healthy, supple and blemish-free? Some are even proven to work against acne. Here’s a rundown of some of the vitamins known to keep skin glowing and clear.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is needed to form new skin cells and to keep the skin strong and supple. It is also an anti-acne vitamin: vitamin A not only reduces the size and redness of acne , it also minimizes sebum production which causes acne. People who lack vitamin A tend to have dry, flaky, wrinkled skin. You can get the vitamin from carrots, broccoli, spinach, milk, butter, cheese, egg yolk, and liver.

The Best Ways To Put A Stop To Toothache And Gum Disease PDF Print E-mail

Gum problems or periodontal problems is probably the most common dental health concerns across the world.  If left untreated it can cause bleeding and shrinking gums, loss of tooth and distressing toothache pain. The good news is that it is simple and easy to protect against gum disease with the help of a good dental health program. Facts belonging to the National Institute of Dental And Craniofacial Research indicates that approximately 75% of all people in the United States Of America will have some form of gum disorder in their lifespan. Not all gum problems will lead to distressing health problems however protection of mild conditions of gum disease is the best means to make certain you won't end up with a toothache.

The Many Kinds Of Dental Implants PDF Print E-mail

Dental implants are artificial teeth utilized in cosmetic dentistry, and modern-day implants are almost always placed within the mandible, or jawbone, designed particularly to resemble teeth roots. Prior to this, implants might have taken the form of a framework that was specially constructed to lay on top of the mandible, set in place with screws.

Acne Is Almost Part Of Being A Teenager PDF Print E-mail

To anyone who had gone through adolescence, acne is an issue not unheard of. Acne is something almost part of being a teenager.  Acne is a medical condition on the skin and usually affecting the face, chest and back. Triggered by puberty and lasts until end of adolescence. However, there are instances when some people even experience the condition during adulthood. Oil glands open during puberty and releases sebum or oil to moisten the skin. There are times however when opening of oil glands are blocked by cells close to the surface which cause buildup of oil under the skin. Such buildup stimulates bacteria causing the inflammation of tissues surrounding it.

The different types of acne are whitehead, blackhead, pimples and cyst.

Getting Rid Of Dandruff Is Not A Tough Thing To Do PDF Print E-mail

Dandruff is the white flakes that show up at the scalp and flutter their way through your hair.  They leave their mark behind on your hairbrush, comb and your clothing.  It may be a depressing issue.  Striving to comb out the flakes aggravates the difficulty, causing even more flakes to be seen.  To say it is a demoralizing issue is an understatement.

Many people really feel embarrassed at the appearance of dandruff on their scalp.  This is because they link clean hair with flake free hair.  The reality is, flakes in your hair have little to do with the rate of recurrence in which you wash it.


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